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At best, learning experiences are full of heart, mind, body, and soul.

As a Learner and Education Integrator, I:

  • Co-create and support responsive learning cultures based in integrity, trust, and relationship

  • Hold space for creativity and full expression to flourish 

  • Believe that nature offers powerful connections for learning and wellbeing 

  • Remain open to the surprises, curiosities, and wisdoms of others

  • Respect and seek others' ideas and knowledge 

  • Listen deeply & invite with intention

  • Nurture learning that is socially situated, and happens in a variety of vital relationships

    • People

    • Environments

    • Materials

    • Concepts

    • Systems

    • Individual and collective knowledge construction

  • Live the values that we all have a right

    • to be curious and playful

    • to try our ideas in the ways that we choose, within supportive, rich environments

    • to experience relevant feedback that makes sense, and further inspires our research

  • Clarify ways to invite projects that add contextually relevant value to community

  • Am slow to react, slow to give answers, and quick to be fully present to the moment at hand

  • Continually reflect on practice and power, and am mindful that what I don't say and don't do can be as important as supporting others' voice and choice  

  • Intuit when to establish clear boundaries to keep from getting lost (vs. asserting control) 

  • Advocate with dogged determination for the agency and elevated rights of all learners

  • Root my professional practice in service and reverence for the essential nature of all life

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