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I am an agile educator with extensive success facilitating rich opportunities in a variety of contexts, internationally and domestically. As an Education Integrator, I leverage my knowledge and experience to stir what is best in people so they can co-create holistic, enduring resources that make sense for their community.

Since 1996, I have partnered with:

  • College and university students,

  • Intergenerational groups exploring wilderness,

  • Elementary grade students,

  • Artists imagining the world beyond their institutional home,

  • Learners in early years education,

  • Families of a variety of identities and contexts,

  • Non-profit organizations, and

  • School staff and leadership.

I have proven ability to develop systems that are other than the sum of their parts by gathering people to share their experiences and understandings. My work is inclusive, qualitative, data-informed, and values-based. My highest professional seat is collaborating with children, their families, and their teachers to restore, create, and integrate environments and practices that nurture the inherent greatness of every child.

Equitable, Integrated Education | Civic & Social Wellness


  • Fluent: English | Spanish

  • Certified Strengths Communicator (Facilitate Conversations Across Industries)

  • High Level Educator & Pedagogist

  • Deep Understanding of Social Constructivist Practices & Inquiry-based Approaches

  • Data-rich Documentation: Captures Process | Spurs Productive Reflection | Invites Depth

  • Contextually Relevant Engagement

  • Champion Creator / Modifier of Environs ||| Big Idea: If a child's expression flows over the bounds of an environment, question the environment and trust the child.

  • Interpersonal Skills | High EQ | Energetic Intelligence
    •••• Respectful Communication
    •••• Understand and bridge multiple perspectives
    •••• Big picture focused

  • My Work with Young Children ∞ My Work with Horses = Profound Interplay with Room to Grow

  • Team Player: care deeply about my work, and help others succeed

  • Organized, efficient, persistent, deliver outcomes within deadlines

  • Computer Skills: blogging, digital media, Microsoft Office, social media, G Suite


  • Educator: Received awards for outstanding teaching from two organizations: University of Arizona & Haberman Star Teacher Award

  • Program Coordinator: Revitalized the Family Week and College Staff programs at Ghost Ranch Education & Retreat Center. Both programs continue to thrive after my tenure.

 Please message me to view my full CV.

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