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I believe that children are full partners in their education.

I believe that adults want to show up as helpful teammates with children.

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I trust that, together, we can find solutions

among us (child, family, school staff, and me :).

How I Can Help

  • When something is a little off for a child in a school environment, I examine the environment in full partnership with the child - to understand the child’s experience.

  • I think together with families and school staff on how best to tweak the environment to better support the child.

I am a most effective partner in

  • Toddler

  • Preschool

  • Pre-Kindergarten

  • Elementary Grades

I am willing to consider partnering with students, families, and staff in middle school and high school programs. Let’s connect through the CONTACT ME form to discern if I can be effective in your context (button below). Thank you!

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