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An Opportunity for Families

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How My Story Craft Can Benefit You

As an Education Integrator, I join with families to showcase the inherent greatness of their child. Stories are a tool in my toolbox to authentically shift narratives and claim wellbeing.

  • I accompany families of all kinds to make visible their child’s active mind, body, heart, and soul ~ a label-free description of the family’s life experience.

  • I listen closely to family stories. If there is a gap between the quality of life a family wants, and the quality of life a family experiences, I investigate the gaps, and, together with families, explore possibilities to make life better.

Contextually relevant stories and environs can foster powerful bonds and sense of belonging. I can help make that happen!

My Background in Story Craft

Oral stories are a long-standing tradition in my family. I was one of the kids who listened closely and often asked for repeats. I still do. While writing is a go-to expressive language for me, I think there is something vital in the spoken story.

First and foremost, listening is as important as talking. Also, the rhythm, cadence, plot twist, climax, and ending are driven by the gathering of people. Though the storyline might be known, the group dynamic creates a unique experience of the telling. If the wind slams a door, or the fire casts a mysterious shadow, that influences the story. If one telling is particularly memorable, it will weave its way into later tellings.

Story Craft is an improv that simultaneously lifts us into imagination, anchors us into belonging, and calls us to reflect on possibility. It is a natural, nurtured part of my professionalism. It is innate for me to approach the sharing of knowledge as a chance to co-create.

Wert Knowing ∞ Created by Jodi Wert ∞ March 2019