Strengths Finder ∞ A Conversation For Teams in All Industries

My engagement with education applies to my work with Strengths Finder for non-profits, NGOs, and corporations. I stir what is best in the people on your team so you can co-create holistic, enduring resources that make sense for your business context.


I am a Certified Strengths Communicator (certification: 2017 with Leadership Vision).

How This Works:

  • THE ASSESSMENT: Take the online assessment with CliftonStrengths®** to learn your top strengths. **(formerly Clifton StrengthsFinder).

    • Top 5 CliftonStrengths

    • CliftonStrengths 34 (for people who want to explore beyond the initial DEEP DIVE).

  • THE INTERPRETATION: Hire me and my mentors at Leadership Vision to provide you with a basic understanding of how to leverage strengths and create a more integrated, satisfying business environment. Leadership Vision enriches our initial conversation with effective visuals that are personalized to each individual, as well as the team.

  • THE DEEP DIVE: Schedule another session with me to further explore how your team’s strengths and talents can add value to your work.

    • FIRST DEEP DIVE: We will continue to study your team’s individual Top 5 Strengths, and how they operate in the collective.

    • BEYOND THE FIRST DEEP DIVE: We can begin a conversation about each person’s 34 strengths, and how they operate in the collective.

I’m here to help you leverage individual, team, and organizational strengths to benefit your mission.

Strengths Communicator Certification: 2017 with Leadership Vision

I facilitate Strengths conversations with educators, organizations, and families.

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