Strengths Finder ∞ A Conversation For Families

Whose Members Are 10 Years or Older

I stir what is best in family members so your family can

  • Raise awareness of individual and collective talents.

  • Explore individual and collective potential with intention.

  • Co-create holistic, empathetic family function.

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I am a Certified Strengths Communicator (certification: 2017 with Leadership Vision).

How This Works:

  • THE ASSESSMENT: Take the online assessment with CliftonStrengths®** to learn your top strengths. **(formerly Clifton StrengthsFinder).

    • StrengthsExplorer for ages 10 - 14 (Top 3 CliftonStrengths)

    • Top 5 CliftonStrengths (for ages 15+)

    • CliftonStrengths 34 (for ages 15+ who want to explore beyond the initial DEEP DIVE).

  • THE INTERPRETATION: Hire me and my mentors at Leadership Vision to provide you with a basic understanding of how to leverage strengths and create a more integrated family connection. Leadership Vision enriches our initial conversation with effective visuals that are personalized to each individual and the whole family unit.

  • THE DEEP DIVE: Schedule another session with me to further explore how your family’s strengths and talents can add value to your life.

    • FIRST DEEP DIVE: We will continue to study your family’s individual Top 3 - 5 Strengths, and how they operate in the collective.

    • BEYOND THE FIRST DEEP DIVE: We can begin a conversation about each person’s 34 strengths, and how they operate in the collective. (for family members 15 years or older).

I am here to help leverage strengths to benefit your family.

Strengths Communicator Certification: 2017 with Leadership Vision

I facilitate Strengths Finder conversations with educators, organizations, and families.

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