∞ Integrated Learning ∞

A Pedagogy of Possibility for School Leaders & Teachers

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You teach them (learners) about something in the past or the present,

but hope that your teaching will have the good effect of

leading them into the world of possibility.

That’s where intelligence lies.

Jerome S. Bruner, The Brainwaves Video Anthology

Published on November 10, 2014 

How I Can Help 

I can partner with you to integrate learning that adds value to your unique context.

Together, we can

  • Clarify Purpose

  • Discern Values

  • Integrate beliefs and action.

  • Create meaningful documentation that clearly reflects beliefs.

  • Upfit Environment to fully support synchronous possibilities among vital relationships:

    • People

    • Materials

    • Concepts

    • Experiences

    • Surroundings (school, neighborhood, town)

    • Systems

    • Individual and Collective Knowledge Construction

  • Explore Social Constructivist Practices and Inquiry-based Approaches.

Social Constructivist Practices - In my experience, this means

  • Learning is socially situated.

  • Learning happens in a variety of interconnected relationships (some are listed above).

Inquiry-based Approaches - In my experience, this means that we all have a right

  • To be curious and playful,

  • To try our ideas in the ways that we choose, within supportive, rich environments,

  • To experience relevant feedback that makes sense, and further inspires our research.

  • Dialogue, Process, and Organize Community Engagement

    • How to cultivate and nurture relationships between the school and the local community?

    • What are next steps for creating a desired local educational culture?

    • Is anything getting in the way?

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