Learner • Maximizer • Connectedness • Positivity • Individualization

These strengths supply my professionalism in the following ways:

  • LEARNER: Learning itself is gratifying to me. I observe the learning patterns of others, and appreciate each person's specific approach. I am confident in my own ideas and skills, continually remain open-minded, and am self-aware and reflective when I need to shift my choices and behavior. 

  • MAXIMIZER: I seek excellence in nurturing and refining environments, processes, and systems to meet the approaches and needs of the people within. My mantra: less quantity, more integrity. Connectedness and deep listening afford me the insight to intuit what might inspire and anchor others, and, from there, I invite the collective to stretch toward greatest potential. The result: co-created environments, processes, and systems that are effective for a specific context.

  • CONNECTEDNESS: This is the glue that holds everything together. I have clear vision of how healthy, wide-reaching relationships and events can be powerful in achieving common goals. I thrive in a community that functions purposefully, celebrates each person's contributions, supports everyone's growth, and generates collective wellbeing. I believe that our best work is done together with intellect, inspiration, and heart - far above the ego. I can usually foresee how a situation will unfold, but do not insert my own agenda to drive outcomes. Inclusivity is my intelligent focus.

  • POSITIVITY: Resiliency and joy are intrinsic behaviors for me. I like making things fun for myself and others. I know challenge as opportunity and failure as constructive feedback. While I see the light in most situations, I honor other's experiences and perspectives. With unwavering optimism, I focus my attention and effort on the change I can affect.

  • INDIVIDUALIZATION: I'm quietly curious about people, and see each person's uniqueness, needs, approaches, talents, and potentials. This strength is the well-spring of my sincere compassion, drives my high standard to offer extraordinary care, and sustains my ability to neutralize difficult situations with tact, kindness, and clear boundaries.  

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